Combat Ammo Magazine
For Automatics/Revolvers

$65.00 – U.S. Currency

Easy access to six rounds in a secure setting for speed and ease of insertion in cylinder. Made to accommodate belts 1 ¼” up to 2 ¼”.
(Please specify belt width.)



Combat Belt

$175.00 – U.S. Currency

This highly specialized belt meets all the requirements that I strongly believe to be necessary in a belt that is to be worn with a holster. The CBT is constructed with a full face lining of dense high-quality leather laminated and lock stitched with durable nylon thread creating a sturdy belt with minimal lateral flex.

It is designed to perfectly fit your holster, guaranteeing a no slip, no drag body hugging carry.

To complete and complement this fine *1.5 inch (38.1 mm) belt, we provide it with a solid stainless steel buckle for durability and security. It has no visible means of fastening to mar its graceful lines, but relies on a hidden fastening tang which is contoured to engage the belt more securely as increased tension is applied. Although it was conceived as a highly specialized piece of equipment, this unique ensemble is inherent in the beauty of being able to function as a dress item at all times.

With refined masculine ruggedness, the classic form of this handsome buckle silently speaks to real men worldwide and the fact that the wearer appreciates, demands and wears the world’s finest holsters and accessories. To the unknowing, it reflects only the wearer’s good taste in dress, thus your secret remains secure.

Be reminded that a quality holster will not function properly on an inferior belt, and an inferior holster will not function….period!!!



Double Clip
For .22//.380/9mm/.45 cal
Single column magazines
Double column mags, special order add $10.00

$90.00 – U.S. Currency

Designed for professionals in a new improved design . . . this highly specialized carrier securely retains two single column magazines. Its exclusive refined design allows optimum purchase area without sacrificing secure retention. A new system allows both magazines to be carried in the forward position . . . assuring a smooth withdraw during the “moments of stress”. Stability best describes the new retention system which places a one-way snap at the base of each magazine. This system eliminates any pivoting/binding tendencies during withdraw, yet allows the wearer to easily remove the unit from the belt.
(Specify right or left handed shooter



Single Clip
Single Clip – for all pistol calibre magazines

$65.00 – U.S. Currency

This molded carrier positions your spare magazine at the ready for a swift and positive withdraw from your “weak side”.

Crafted with a one-way snap, it provides for ease of removal from belt.



Undercover 1

$65.00 – U.S. Currency

This molded “inside the waistband” carrier positions your spare magazine “at the ready” for a swift and positive withdraw from your “weak side”. It incorporates a rear flange that eliminates annoying “magazine gouge.” It shields your clothing and most of all protects against grasping a hand full of shirt when you reach for those “precious” back-up rounds.



Undercover 2

$80.00 – U.S. Currency

This molded “inside the waistband’ carrier is designed for the agent who feels the need for more fire power reserve. It is made to position two spare magazines at the ready “both in the forward position” . . . assuring a smooth positive withdraw from your “weak side.” It also incorporates a rear flange that eliminates annoying magazine gouge.