Gibralter Speed Scabbard
For Automatics/Revolvers

$175.00 – U.S. Currency

This form fitted scabbard needs no retaining devices as it relies completely on its exquisitely formed contours for retention. Positive non-shifting stability is assured by tab extensions which allow belt to be fed through holster loop before trouser loop. This inter-weaving guarantees placement as solid as the rock which bears its name.



For large or small frame revolvers.

$175.00 – U.S. Currency

This holster is crafted for small and large frame revolvers with the anatomically correct angle for optimum speed and withdraw. It is available in covered or exposed trigger guard versions and is inherent of our legendary moulded retention.



Super Speed Scabbard
For Large-Frame Semi-Automatics

$175.00 – U.S. Currency

This unit rides extremely high on the belt (so high that the magazine release clears leather) at an angle both comfortable and concealable. One of the many outstanding features of this scabbard is the absence of leather at the root of the trigger guard, enabling the wearer to attain a “shooting grip” while the piece is still holstered . . . eliminating mid-draw repositioning of the hand to grip. As with most of our scabbards for semi-automatics, retaining devices are shunned. Our craftsmen individually hand mould these scabbards to absolute perfection.



Cross Draw
For Listed Autos / Revolvers

$175.00- U.S. Currency

All models of this family of holsters utilize precision molding to assure positive retention, yet deadly speed.  While I do not adhere to this mode of carry, I have heard your call of need and answered it.



Excellent for body guard / chauffeur / taxi driver

$160.00- U.S. Currency

A highly specialized scabbard, intended for use in a seated position.  Originally designed for the R.C.M.P., plain-clothes car patrols, and Secret Service protection details.  Worn comfortably on the belly or off-side hip.  Extremely fast, since the pull-through snap release means no fumbling with any retaining devices.  The handgun rides butt down for a very natural withdraw.